Soooo I am tired, obviously jetlag I’ve been on the go since feels like forever! Today I am totally feeling it, also some personal family circumstances adding to all the feels. I spoke with Oscar who I’m touring with and it felt good just to say it out loud and have support! As soon as the first note hit though I had a second wind of energy just hit me and take over! Thank you all for coming and sharing in my music and not only that but giving back so much. I love y’all x


Prodigal son is back baby. Playing the NZ shows with the talented Oscar Key Sung (check him out)… we are both excited to play he released a dope EP and I just received two awards so the vibe is right up there. Was so cool to have my family in the crowd!! Auckland I was blown away with the turn out and everyone singing and dancing, you made a local boy feel good and happy to be back 

Kiaora Tamaki Makaurau


Now now, this experience was amazing but very anxiety driven. I won two awards and didn’t process it fully till afterwards. Was so weird, but what the heck I wonnnnnn! I got the Best Urban artist and Best Male Artist. Seriously couldn’t be more happy, felt like all the work I’ve put in over the years was totally worth it, although it was just an award but the recognition from home is what made it special for me. I also sang lips with Melodownz and was the most nervous I have been in so long!

19th MAY – PARIS (FR)

Oh this city is one of my favourites in the world so beautiful, romantic and the food is amazing! Feels fresh to be back…

I can tell I’ve been touring for a while because I was definitely moody today! Little things feel exaggerated and can chime me the wrong way! For reals!

So on a high note, tonight was our final show as a band for the EU tour (till next time) so was nice to go out on a bang! Merci Paris

18th MAY – BERLIN (DE)


Hometown show was on, my phone going off all the homies trying to get on the door hahaha, love it! We played with Jamz Supernova (bbc radio), Chrome Sparks (NYC) and Crayon (Paris) so a really sick line up and was a dope af night! I say it a lot BUT no shit Berlin was a legit lituation. So litttty everybody going off! Spoke after with some of my closest friends and was nice to hear such amazing feedback and a lot of them haven’t seen me for a minute. So stoked and happy!

Enroute to Paris with an amazing 6am train ride yaaaaaas hahahaha!


What can I say tonight was a headliner and y’all came through and turned up! I had a big as smile on my face after the show. I’ve always loved Hamburg and probably been at least 10 or more times. Good to see familiar faces and also was a special one for Ben because he’s a Hamburg native. 

Danke danke Hamburg x

14th MAY – LEEDS (UK)

I love you Leeds, you know what I mean! We had a special night together. We for sure were going up on a Monday! The crowd wasn’t as full as other shows but the crowd was the most lit.

Nice to hang by the merch and meet some of y’all and take pics (still weirrrded out by this) and hear about your connections to my music and how that came together! Feeling good after this and even had some killer bbq for lunch haha. So humbled fam

Shouts to Vanessa Jamie who supported me tonight fire girl x

12th MAY – LONDON (UK)

My goodness it’s the best feeling to be back in London I miss this gatdayuuum city! Schedule today has been so hectic, we drove from Amsterdam. Shouts to Falco and Seb (my manager) who are driving/tour managing these two have been killing it to get us on time and feeling fresh. A lot goes into touring that folks don’t see but it’s stressful, your sleep deprived and eating bad shit unless your organised.

Anyways, LONDON! gig was massive even at 7.40pm haha, y’all need to sort out these curfew laws. Afterwards we had a few drinks with good friends and was a nice reunion with some of the best peeps. On top of all this we had a film crew shooting a short documentary so look out for that! London Town was a mad ting 


Such a beautiful city. The canals, the modern and old architecture are both stunning. The smell of ganja everywhere is divine matched with all the tasty restaurants when the munchies hit. Heaven on earth the Dam is.

Last time I was in the city was in the winter so it’s a completely different vibe. We played after Crayon a sick band from Paris. Was nice to hang in Amsterdam and have a boogie with all you beauties. Oh did I mention we have merchandise with us on the road (tshirts and vinyl)! First serve are those at the gigs!!

05th MAY – WARSAW (PL)

The Noah x Noah (drummer) show. Ben had important family matters so he couldn’t make it so it was me Noah and I rocking it this time.


It’s pretty rare when touring you can be a tourist and enjoy what the city has to offer. I was fortunate enough to have a spare day. I saw old Warsaw and got a taste of the history of the city. Also got to eat some traditional Polish food which was sooooo good.


 So crazy to experience the impact of war and to realise WW2 ended 73 years ago that is fucking ridiculous, this put so much into perspective for me. My heart is heavy for countries that are war affected I’m not one to preach but to constantly review what changes I can make in my cosmos.


SHOW DAY!!! the venue was sick and our host Sandra was nice. As I was walking into the venue I meet three 18 year old boys and one girl outside the venue that traveled 300km to see me but the club was +21. They we’re so bummed shout out to those guys if y’all reading this, I read through their comments on social media they went to the river and had their own party listening to my album FUCKKK. In this case it was out of my control BUT I love y’all and owe you free tickets next time.


 The room was filled and I felt the people were unsure of what to expect I started with the intro from my album ‘Kamata anga’ then after that it was on. A legit lituation,, so nice to dance with the Polish crowd sipping on that good vodka and also a special duet show with my boy Noah Führbringer who killed it on the drums. Till next time… Amsterdam coming up!


 Ps. I’ve added a playlist of all the songs I like to listen to on the road check it x


Maybe this blog is my platform to vent, I was excited to come back on here to complain and shit, haha! For real our plane had to come back to Brussels because of ‘technical difficulties’ poor Noah F. (drummer) ain’t the biggest fan of flying. So it’s been a bit of a rough start. On our second try to Stockholm BRB


OMG Stockholm Soul was such a vibe, seriously the crowd was so responsive and energetic. I had a couple of moments where I stood in awe from the crowds reaction. So dope, if your reading this and you were there thank u x

There was a big crew there from Norway that was super lit, I’m definitely going to have to make a trip there.

Keeping it 100 we aren’t hungover today either skrrr skrrr. Killing life ∵


The fantasy of the luscious tour life hits reality in a heavy way. Let’s start with a early flight (6am) followed by hanging in a hotel lobby till 2pm because no rooms are clean and available yet. I know first world problems! Sit down be humble! Our spirits are high and ready to kill it today. One thing I can confirm without a doubt Ben (keyboard player) is a morning person and will give you the motivational moral support when all things go pear shape. BRB


Botanique is a beautiful venue and the staff are super nice, our rider has a bottle of Jameson so this was the perfect warm up for my body and vocal chords. For real the crowd was everything, singing back to us and getting down from the top to end of the set. Sick start to the tour, feeling real good and appreciative to be able to do this as a job.

Ps. hotel Nh bloom, pay for the real songs and not shitty cover versions of MJ, couple of hours in your lobby will drive anyone crazy ∵